Winners Gallery

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Jurors’ Choice Awards

Tom Ashbourne – Georgia, Peach alabaster

Graham Davies – Sofie’s Dream, Analog photo

Saralou Miller – La Dauphine Crème du Comté, Sculptural Fashion-Textile/Mixed Media

Roderick Samuel – Persian Flaw, Furniture

Lesley Snyder – Storm, Wool and Silk

Honorable Mention

Kato Wake – Lemons in Buffy’s Bowl, Oil on canvas

Andrea Pillar – Through the Big Swamp, Stoneware and glazes

Krista Dalby – Corrugated Cohen, Cardboard

Pauline Dinham, Hallelujah, Acrylic on Plexiglass

Caroline Shuttle, An Abundance, Glass and Metal

People’s Choice

Susan Straiton – Radiance, oil on canvas – People’s Choice Award

Otto Rogers Award

Buffy Carruthers – Winter Vineyard, Acrylic


Jurors’ Choice Awards

Graham Davies, Falconer House, Analogue Photography

Karole Marois, Devil’s Picker, Acrylic on Wood

Kato Wake, Commute YYZ, Mixed Media

Krista Dalby, Al Purdy, Mixed Media

Peter Mennacher, Hypolithe and Yolanda in Kyoto, Etching & Aquatint

Honorable Mention

Lesley Snyder, Blueberry Swirls, Hand Dyed Silk & Merino

Terry Culbert, Longjohn Leroy, Acrylic

W Hew Elcock, Blue Birch, Gouache on Paper

Wendy Vervoort, Vessel, Burs

Tom Humphries, The Oracle, Mixed Media

People’s Choice

J Douglas Thompson – The Breakers at Evertide – Acrylic on Canvas – People’s Choice Award With Bev Skidmore

Otto Rogers Award

Graham Davies – Falconer House, Analogue Photography


Jurors’ Choice Awards

Elizabeth Carruthers, Stone Mason Mexico, Acrylic

Ray Dearborn, Federal Style Side Table, Wood

Saralou Miller, Forest Nymph Warrior Chic, Wearable Textile Copper Bronze

W. Hew Elcock, Study for Beaver Dam, Pencil On Paper

Graham Davies, Portrait of a woman, Analogue Photography

Honorable Mention

Celia Sage, Art & Music, Oil on Canvas

David Scott, Bread Crock 2, Stoneware

Florence Chik Lau, Quartet, Clay Sculpture

Pauline Dinham, Surf’s Up, Acrylic

Claire van Eeghen, Unseen, Stone Lithograph

People’s Choice

Pam Carter, Boardwalk Beauty, Oil on Canvas

Otto Rogers Award

Tracy Douglas, Tattoo, Oil on Canvas


Jurors’ Choice Awards

Helen Fujiki – Twiddledeedee #2 – fibre art

Mile Murtanovski, Furious Blunder, Oil on Canvas

Paul Andrews, The Maker’s Mark, Black walnut Cabinet

Graham Davies, 10 Seconds #1, Photography

Tom Humphries, Winter Dreaming in Technicolour, Mixed Media

Honorable Mention

Florence Chik-Lau, Nine to Five, Sculpture

Rosemary Brown, Abstract 1405, Acrylic and Crayon on Paper

Sharon Fox Cranston, Wild IV, Acrylic Painting

Jeanne Campbell, Amalfi, Acrylic Painting

Claudia Jean McCabe, A Lovely Affair, Painting

People’s Choice

J. Douglas Thompson, Character, Acrylic on Canvas


Jurors’ Choice Awards

Doug Johnson, Washing Day – Havana Cuba, Photograph

Mile Murtanovski, Coriander & Cilantro, Oil

Sharon Fox Cranston, In the County VI, Acrylic

Sharon Fox Cranston, Silver Ribbons, Pastel

Erin Johnston, Viviane Revealed, Photograph

Honorable Mention

Caroline Shuttle Splash Series 6 – Hanging Splash Fused Glass

Florence Chik-Lau, You – Me – We, Ceramic Sculpture

Laurie McGugan, Ayr Pit, Oil on giclée print

Mile Murtanovski, Embroidering the Truth, Oil

Tammy Love, N, Collage & Acrylic

People’s Choice

Susan Straitton, The Road Taken, Oil with Bev Skidmore and Claudia Jean McCabe

Manley E. MacDonald Award

Suendrini, County Rd. 12 Prince Edward County textile with Sponsor Author Charles Beale


Jurors’ Choice Awards

Caroline Shuttle, Colour Splash Series 3, Glass

Robin Everhardus, All the trees of the field, Fibre Art

Susan Chambers, Flight Paths, Acrylic

Vanessa Pandos, Ode #1, to Adam (Creation of Eden), Glass

Phillip DanDurand, #3, Oil on Canvas

Honorable Mention

Florence Chik-Lau, Empathy, Ceramic Sculpture

Grapham Davies, Looking at houses, Film Photography Hand Painted Silver Print

Tom Humphries – Picton Madonna – Oil on Masonite

Kenneth Flitton, Medicine Lake Alberta, Oil

Gerry Jenkison, Chase Road Fields September II, Coloured Pencil, Sanded Paper

People’s Choice

Tracy Douglas, Yellow Irises, Oil