How to Enter

We are planning both an in-person show to be held at Base31 and an online show similar to the one held in 2022. Jurying will be based on in-person viewing of the artworks.

Artists are asked to submit a digital image as in 2022 in addition to submitting artwork in person.


The 30th Annual Art in the County (AITC) show is open to artists who meet both the following conditions:

  • Are residents or ratepayers of Prince Edward County.
  • Are Artist Members of the Prince Edward County Arts Council in good standing.

Please refer to for details of the membership categories and payment options available. 

Entry Rules

Artworks must have been completed since Art in the County 2022 and be original, unaided work except where work is a collaboration. All works must be for sale and remain on view for the duration of the show.

Artwork in the gallery may be photographed by an AITC official photographer or by visitors. Photos may be published as part of AITC promotional material, including on the AITC website. Entry in the show constitutes acceptance of this.

All artworks chosen by the jurors to be in the show will be available for public viewing through the Art in the County website. The Prince Edward County Arts Council is not responsible for any damages resulting from third party download of images that may occur.

A maximum of two (2) pieces in any medium may be entered.

The price established for the artwork at submission remains for the duration of the show. When a work is sold, a 30% commission is deducted from the selling price. The balance will be forwarded to the artist as soon as possible following the show.

Photographic works must be entered framed. Two-dimensional works must be gallery ready and/or gallery wrapped (the painted image continues around the sides, top and bottom or the canvas has neat edges) and no larger than 60” x 60” (frame included) and be ready for hanging with wire and eye hooks only.

Sculptures are to be of reasonable size. Artists submitting sculpture are responsible for moving it into and out of the gallery space.

All reasonable care will be taken with works submitted. Insurance of the artwork while on show premises is the sole responsibility of the artist. In addition, Prince Edward County Arts Council assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to unclaimed works and is not responsible for any works not picked up. Artists unable to pick up artwork in person on closing day, must make arrangements to authorize someone to pick up and sign out their artwork. 

Jury Process

The jury will review submitted artworks in the gallery and decide which artworks to include in the show and which will receive awards. Inclusion in the exhibition is at the sole discretion of the jurors and their decision is final.

Works that do not meet the conditions for entry as outlined in the Entry Rules will not be adjudicated.

In selecting works, jurors will ensure the body of works selected represents the depth and diversity of the Prince Edward County artistic community.

The jurors will collectively prepare a comment on each of the works selected for Jurors’ and Honourable Mention Awards and prepare, individually or collectively, a summary statement of their impressions of the exhibition.

NEW IN 2023 – Based on feedback received in our 2022 Art in the County Artist Survey, we are making changes to optimize the critique portion of the jurying process. We are therefore asking that artists who wish to have their work critiqued register in advance and pay an additional $20 fee to help offset the costs associated with this enhanced service. The critique can be applied to pieces that have or have not been juried in. There will be no refunds. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Janna Smith at

The artworks selected by the jurors will be included in a virtual show that the public can access from this website and will also be included in the gallery show for in-person viewing by the public.


Jurors’ Choice and Honourable Mention Awards

The jury will select, without ranking, five Jurors’ Choice Awards and five Honourable Mention Awards. In selecting works, the jurors will consider the following criteria:

  • Creativity and uniqueness
  • Consistency of thought and style
  • Technical competence in using chosen media
  • Successful handling of elements such as colour, value and composition
  • Emotional reaction/interest from viewer

People’s Choice and Children’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Award and the Children’s Choice Award are determined by visitor ballots and will be presented at the close of the exhibition. All visitors aged 12 and under are eligible to cast their votes for the Children’s Choice Award.

The Maison Depoivre Award

This award will be presented to an artist whose work demonstrates risk-taking and originality, technical skill and is thought provoking. Special attention will be given to the use of colours in a daring, innovative way. The curators of Maison Depoivre will select three finalists from the artists presenting work at AITC. The three AITC jurors will determine the award recipient from the three finalists. The recipient of the award will be invited to display their work at Maison Depoivre for the rest of the 2023 season, once AITC closes its doors at the beginning of July.

The Carson Arthur Award

This new award is an exciting opportunity for artists submitting work to AITC. It will be presented to an artist whose work represents or evokes Nature in an innovative and original way. Carson Arthur will select three finalists from the artists presenting work at AITC. The three AITC jurors will determine the award recipient from the three finalists. This award includes a $500 monetary gift for the winning artist and a $500 donation to a local, non-profit organization advocating for the protection of the environment (organization selected by the winning artist).

Akasha Art Projects Award

New in 2023, The Akasha Art Projects award will be presented to an artist whose work represents a fresh and original approach to their artistic expression. Considerations for this award are extended to artists who explore the boundaries of their chosen media through innovative perspectives that evoke and challenge the viewer. The principals of Akasha Art Projects, Kelly Kyle & Sonja Scharf will choose three finalists and will defer to the jurors of AITC to select the final recipient.

The recipient of the award will receive a gift certificate in the amount of $500, redeemable at Akasha Art Projects.

Oeno Gallery Award of Excellence

Introduced in 2023, the Oeno Gallery Award of Excellence will be given to the creator of one exceptional work, demonstrating creativity and originality, executed with technical fluency and skill, and presented professionally. 

This award has a monetary value of $500.

The winner will be selected by Carlyn Moulton, Owner & Curator, Oeno Gallery.

Registration | Payment of Entry Fee | Submit Image(s)

Registration is between Thursday, April 21, 2023 and Friday, June 9, 2023 at noon.
Artists may complete the online registration form and pay early in this period and then send the digital images of artwork later – up to June 9th at noon.

Step 1 – Complete online registration form by June 9th at noon

Registration is now closed.

A copy of the submitted form will be emailed to the address provided. Please keep this email as a record of the information on the registration form so you can ensure that the label(s) on the digital image(s) you send match your registration form. For those artists interested in receiving a critique of submitted artwork (see details in Jury Process section above), please select the appropriate fee level from the PayPal drop-down menu.

Step 2 – Pay registration fee by June 9th at noon

Pay the registration fee using PayPal or major credit card.

  • One artwork submission $30
  • One artwork submission plus fee for optional critique $50
  • Two artwork submissions $45
  • Two artwork submissions plus fee for optional critique $65

Note: The entry fee is non-refundable. Limited subsidies are available for first-time applicants. For more information, contact Janna Smith at

Registration is closed.

Step 3 – Photograph artwork and submit by June 9th at noon

For those not familiar with photographing artwork, the following websites may be helpful.

Image size: Images should be a minimum of 1000 pixels along the shortest side (or 1000 x 1000 pixels if the images are square) at 200 KB saved as a JPG. If needed, we can accept larger files and resize on your behalf. However, if you wish to crop or resize your image while maintaining aspect ratio and quality, we recommend Preview.

Image colour: For those artists with the knowledge, please colour correct, balance and sharpen your own images; instructions are provided in the photographing artwork websites above.

Video for 3D work: An image of the artwork is required for the online store/gallery. Artists submitting sculpture may send a short video of their sculpture for the jurying process.

Label your image or video (for 3D work): The name of the file containing the image or video of the artwork should include your initials and the title as it appeared on the registration form. For example: JS_Beautiful_Day.jpg. Artists should not use their full name – this will ensure anonymity with the jurors.

Submit image(s) and video (for 3D work)
Email images and video to In the message field, indicate your first and last name. For example: Art in the County Submission by Janna Smith.

Step 4 – Deliver your artwork on Sunday, June 18th between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

This year’s show is in Building 17, Lecture Hall, Base31, 343 County Rd 22, Picton.

When delivering artwork, artists must confirm that all information (name, title, medium, selling price) is correct on our records by signing the confirmation sheet. If someone else delivers your work, this person must be authorized to confirm your information.

Click here for labels to adhere to the back of your artwork. Please be sure that information on the labels matches the information provided on the registration form and digital image.

Artwork Pickup

In the event that artwork is not accepted for the show, artists are asked to pick it up on Monday, June 19th between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

At the end of the show, artists whose work has not been sold are asked to pick it up on Sunday, July 2nd between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm at Building 17, Lecture Hall, Base31, where they will be grouped in alphabetical order to expedite the process. Buyers will also pickup their purchased work at this time.

Some buyers may be unable to pick up their purchased art on July 2nd. In these cases, artists are asked to pick up their artwork and liaise with the buyer to arrange delivery. AITC will not pay the cost of shipping; this must be arranged between the buyer and the artist.

Important Dates for Artists

Thursday, April 22, 2023
Registration OPENS. Press release announcing the beginning of the period for artist registration and artwork submission.
Friday, June 9, 2023 by noon
Registration CLOSES. In addition to completing the online registration form and sending digital images, artists must pay the registration fee by this date.

Sunday, June 18, 2023 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm
Art Intake Day – Bring artwork(s) to Building 17, Lecture Hall, Base31, 343 County Rd. 22, Picton.

Monday, June 19, 2023 between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm
Artists whose work was not selected for the show pick up their artwork.

Thursday, June 22, 2023
Award winners announced.

Friday, June 23, 2023
The show OPENS – from 10:00am to 6:00pm each day, 5:00 pm on Sunday, June 25..

Monday, July 2, 2023
The show CLOSES at 2:00 pm. Artists pick up unsold artworks between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Entry Checklist

  • I’m an Artist Member of Prince Edward County Arts Council in good standing.
  • I’ve completed and submitted the online registration form. (by June 9, 2023 at noon)
  • I have indicated whether or not I would like an optional critique.
  • I’ve paid my online registration fee. (by June 9, 2023 at noon)
  • I’ve sent digital images of my artwork(s) to Art in the County using email by June 9, 2023 at noon.
  • I will bring my artwork to the Base31, Building 17, Lecture Hall, in Picton on June 18, 2023.


Please send technical questions about this process to

For all other enquiries, contact