We Will Build Our Own Future (Critique Requested)

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Size: 16" x 20"

Medium: Acrylic

This piece is not framed.

(Critique Requested)

Artist Statement:

“We Will Build Our Own Future” Looks at the original and still continuing pursuit of equalism in our society with hints at the future of humanity, as it could unfold. Any optimism and hope, though, feels ground into despair through centuries and decades of inequality not only for females but for whatever society deems unequal.

The subject’s tentative look speaks to past inequities, and cruelties; but also to the underlying steel resolution to create a new future without the suppression of differentness and most likely at the detriment of current societal norms.

This painting also speaks to the emerging AI technology. The creation of androids in the perfect female image (think Stepford Wives, Ex Machina and so on) to the ethical considerations of what is human or will be human and what, if any, their rights will be.

The eyes follow you everywhere, no one can escape this inevitability of society’s impending implosion, who we, as a species are, and who we will or could be…. if we survive.

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