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Size: 20" x 24"

Medium: Framed Quilt

This piece is framed.

Artist Statement:

A ‘Syzygy’ is an alignment between 3 celestial bodies, such as the April 8th solar eclipse — which gave me an opportunity to reflect on my life’s alignment with my surroundings as well as with the energy of the universe.

With this piece, I commemorate this crucial moment in which my~selves, my surroundings and my purpose/destiny finally align and it feels possible to shine my inner light at full strength. Visually, this is expressed by the viewers’ point-of-view witnessing the exact moment where the centre of the Sun passes the highest Mountain Peak and light~energy diffracts into the colours of the rainbow. My chosen medium, quilting, is also crucially important — as it allows me to express the hard edges of my story~reality with a soft touch.

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