Coping Mechanism

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Size: 11" x 15"

Medium: Cyanotype monoprint

This piece is framed.

Artist Statement:

As a commercial display artist, the pandemic brought my work to an immediate standstill. With two kids at home and no creative outlet, I turned to cooking to pass the time. The kitchen became a comforting space, and the smell of citrus, in particular, was incredibly soothing.

This wet cyanotype monotype print, "Coping Mechanism," captures that period. The sliced lemons are a snapshot of those days, a way to remember how I coped with the uncertainty around me. Each lemon slice is a small piece of that history, a reminder of resilience and creativity found in the most unexpected places.

The deep blues of the cyanotype reflect the calm I found in drying and printing these lemons. This artwork is not just a visual representation but also a sensory recollection of that period, capturing the therapeutic power of simple, everyday actions in times of crisis.

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