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Summer Heat by Jo-Anne Finegan

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Oil, framed, 8" x 8"

About the Artist:

The natural world offers up an ever-changing show of light, colour, line, drama, and atmosphere, simplifying the search for subject matter: Simply look, and you will find a potential painting.

Pastels had me the first time I saw the work of Wolf Kahn. The vibrancy, intensity, freshness, and immediacy of pastel initially grabbed my attention, but I was also drawn to works where pastels were applied with subtlety and moodiness. I loved that colour and texture could be modelled with a more visceral application and sensory feedback. More recently, I have been attempting to achieve similar atmosphere and mood using oils by pushing further into explorations of semi-abstract landscapes.

I am still trying to retire from my practice in Toronto as a child psychologist working with children, adolescents, and youth with congenital and acquired neurodevelopmental disorders. In 2018 I started shifting my home base from Toronto to Prince Edward County so that I could devote more time to learning to paint. Prior to the pandemic, I started County Art Workshops, drawing on seasoned instructors to work with adult art students wanting a concentrated art workshop in the County.

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