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A Scot's Oratorio

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Jurors' Choice Award Winner
A Scot's Oratorio by J. Douglas Thompson
Acrylic on canvas, 40" x 60"

Juror Comment: The misty spaces create a visual journey that leads one to think of exotic proportions: one could be looking at an Asian landscape or enjoying the Canadian spaces of Killarney, Ontario. The artist shows excellent use of negative space to create a vast and deep landscape that lets the eye wander unhindered into the distance and back. Warm tones of sunlight expertly and gently shine on the central mountain, to bring it forth from the cool tones of the mist and water. A hint of the warmth continues into the background, inviting the eye to follow. Looking up close, the brushwork is detailed and rich making A Scot’s Oratorio a treat to look at from close and afar. The strong sense of feeling, composition, sense of space, use of colour and skillful application of paint all make this a deserving piece for a Juror Choice Award.

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J. Douglas Thompson paints in acrylic depicting the atmospheric effects of light and water in all its forms and how they affect the broader landscape. His paintings are also personal metaphoric expressions of light filled hope in juxtaposition to the sometimes dark challenges of life.

Thompson has exhibited at Art Expo, New York, the TIAF (Toronto International Art Fair) and with several galleries representing my work. He recently had a solo show at the CBC building, Front Street, Toronto. His work is found in corporate and private collections.

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